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zeCBD: directory & comparison of online cannabis stores 100% legal 1zeCBD.com (which is pronounced the CBD.com) is the first directory and comparator of CBD Shop Online for Cannabidiol Cannabis Concentrate Consumers and guaranteed THC free. Our site allows you to: compare online stores; consult / collect customer opinions; enjoy coupon codes and discount coupons etc. Whether you want to buy for the first time legal cannabis on the internet, or you want to change and test another supplier, you will find in our guide only professionals in the cannabis industry serious, transparent, honest and guaranteeing Hemp products 100% organic and natural. Check out our directory for your future purchase of dried cannabis flowers, resin, hash, oils, creams, e-liquids, food, drinks, CBD candies with zeCBD.com, your CBD guide online!

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In the popular spirit, cannabis is grass, weed, or shit / hash that we smoke and hover ... Yet we find cannabis in multiple products and uses, until textile hemp for clothes or even as insulation in buildings! The cannabidiol molecule and its many recently (re) discovered virtues is just another example of the bad image associated with marijuana. This is why farmers and producers are now trying to popularize and democratize cannabinoids and their benefits in many forms and products such as sweets, food products, creams, ointments, soaps, etc.


zeCBD: directory & comparison of online cannabis stores 100% legal 8If now all CBD online stores offer to pay for purchases made by bank transfer, or by credit card (visa, mastercard, electron, american express etc.), there was a time when such was not the case, nor so simple for cannabis entrepreneurs. Currently, almost all CBD Shop on the internet accept payments by bank transfer or credit card. Some e-commerce even allow you to pay for your purchases in cryptocurrencies (BTC bitcoin, ETH ethereum, LTC litecoin etc.) or by PayPal for example. To facilitate the choice of Internet users and consumers, zeCBD has drawn up a comparison of Coffee-Shops by payment methods (credit card, cryptocurrency, paypal).

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Cannabis legislation in countries around the world

Cannabis legislation around the world

Who has not heard of CBD lately? A veritable upheaval in the perception that we could have had on cannabis (illegal narcotic product in many countries), the CBD is a version "light " marijuana in that it does not include a staggering and illegal molecule of THC, but a high CBD content (cannabidiol) which, on the contrary, have many virtues ...

Become legal in many countries, this cannabis "light " highly concentrated in cannabidiol has resulted in a rush of green gold attracting all kinds of individuals, some of whom are only attracted by the prospect of making a lot of money by surfing this fad, which is synonymous with scams, d scams, or at best products of poor quality ... Not to mention the many tips and misinformation.

zeCBD: directory & comparison of online cannabis stores 100% legal 9

It is in this context of liberalization and sudden development of the legal cannabis market that the website zeCBD.com was created in the middle of the year 2018 with several objectives: reference the reliable and serious online coffee shops, point the bad via the returns and customer reviews, provide neutral and objective information of quality, offer promotional codes and coupons exclusive discounts etc.

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