About the website zeCBD.com and its team

About the website zeCBD.com and its team 1

About the website zeCBD.com and its team 2zeCBD.com (the CBD .com) is a guide and directory specialized in CBD (cannabidiol) held by a young team of 420 culture enthusiasts and everything related to new technologies. Our site was born mid-year 2018 while the online CBD market was already in full swing. We do not claim the title of pioneer in the CBD, of experts, nor any superiority, or know relative to this new molecule discovered by the Science.

But we are passionate, attentive, and above all disconnected from industrial, pharmaceutical and financial issues. This is why we consider it important to be present in the midst of CBD institutional players 🙂

What are the goals of our website zeCBD.com?

  1. INFORM : offering neutral, objective and independent information on CBD / Cannabidiol,
  2. REFERENCE: to allow honest growers and distributors of CBD to distinguish themselves from others,
  3. INTERACT: collecting customer ratings and reviews, allowing for discussion on an online forum etc.

We are a whole team available to the Net surfers & PRO:

Whether you are a customer, a professional sector, or a website in our theme, do not hesitate to contact us, we are available 5 days on 7, Monday to Friday, from 10h to 18h by mail, chat and phone . More information on our contact page here.

About the website zeCBD.com and its team 3

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