What about affiliate programs of CBD Shop Online?

Excellent question! Because for a directory that claims to be "independent", this subject is fundamental.

But what is affiliation above all else? It's Win-Win!

Affiliation is a method of remuneration for websites when they send users making purchases from "affiliated online shops " especially. It is important to specify that the user who buys a product with or without an affiliate link will have a strictly identical price. Only the seller's profit margin is allocated to the marketing budget through these affiliate programs. This is the most common form of partnership on the internet due to the win-win and risk-free nature of this campaign method.

Affiliation provides transparency and allows our independence!

We are particularly amazed at the various comments and market player looks on the subject of affiliation in the CBD. Some even go so far as to use the absence of an affiliate program as a selling point and a guarantee of quality ... certainly this argument is sometimes true, but somewhat misleading in the hands of certain actors. And it seems important to us here to restore some truths and nuances.

At zeCBD we prefer the affiliation of very far away to any purchase or subscription because:
  • This allows us to follow daily sales and customer satisfaction,
  • This allows us to ensure the honesty of a CBD Shop Manager online,
  • But above all, affiliation repels ill-intentioned individuals only out of greed.

What about affiliate programs of CBD Shop Online? 1Proof if necessary, we have already inaugurated our section "Black List / Black List"CBD Shop online to avoid among our old affiliates ... we told you so, at zeCBD.com"Affiliation does not mean subordination", And is in our eyes the best way to ensure the honesty and reliability of an online store while making sure to detect very quickly potential scammers and crooks.

In conclusion, at zeCBD.com, an affiliate program seems to us rather rather constitute an incontestable pledge of transparency, reliability, honesty ... and even respect for the work of others.

YOU ARE WEBMASTER? Youtubeur? Influencer?

You are a webmaster / youtuber / influencer and would like to know the list of affiliate programs of CBD Shop online for your website, blog, social networks etc. ? Contact uswe will be happy to discuss with a competitor colleague in the CBD sector and share you our list of reliable partners!

What about affiliate programs of CBD Shop Online? 2The entire zeCBD team thanks very warmly its affiliated partners for their support and transparency!

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