Why would your customers post their review on zeCBD.com?

Why would your customers post their review on zeCBD.com? 1zeCBD.com is a directory of CBD Shop online allowing users and customers to give their opinion on their purchase and consumer experience. Our users can:

  1. Assign a note on the card of an online store,
  2. Post a notice on the card of an online store,
  3. Vote for the CBD Shop they recommend,
  4. Bookmark their favorite CBD Shop,
  5. and share their opinion on the online forum.

ZeCBD.com's legal department guarantees an area of ​​freedom of expression, naturally governed by legal restrictions such as the crime of defamation, and is available to internet users / consumers and industry professionals to enforce their respective rights and interests.

Why consult customer reviews or publish on zeCBD.com?

Why would your customers post their review on zeCBD.com? 2The incident recounted with an online CBD Shop now listed in our "blacklist / blacklist " sites to avoid has caused a real electroshock within the entire team of the website zeCBD.com and the reason is extremely simple:

If individuals have dared to behave like this with us, for nothing, without prejudice or motive ... What about unsatisfied customers who have confidently given their number and address to such characters?

Yes certified opinion platforms no longer seem sufficient at this stage ...

The demonstration was sadly made to us.

In these conditions, zeCBD.com will always do its best to provide maximum reliability and transparency.

And we just prove that the threats do not work on us.

It is therefore time for zeCBD to fully assume its role.

How does zeCBD.com help to grow the CBD sector in a healthy way?
  • Independent CBD Shop online directory,
  • Rating & reviews of users and customers,
  • Voting system, recommendations, etc.
  • Providing an online forum,
  • And an 5j / 7 legal service from 10h to 18h by chat, email and phone.

Support us and / or participate in the development of the CBD!

The zeCBD.com team thanks very warmly all the people, whether they are Internet users, or professionals of the sector, who support the development of our site with enthusiasm to make ever more transparent, healthy and reliable the economic sector, the image and reputation of the CBD. Discover our support, partners, or participate with us in this great movement by:

  • posting your review on TrustPilot,
  • likant & following our Facebook page,
  • subscribing to our Instagram page,
  • becoming follower of our Twitter,
  • and why not by contributing with us on zeCBD as an author, tester, youtubeur etc.
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