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Native country : France
Delivery zone : Europe
Wholesaler / Wholesale: no
Payment : Credit card
Coupon / Promo code: no

Dried cannabis flowers: Yes
Resin, pollen & hashish: no
e-Liquid at the CBD: no
Cannabis oils: Yes
CBD extracts: no
Cosmetics (creams etc.): Yes
Food & drinks: Yes
Animals (dogs, cats etc.): no
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8.8/ 10 (Rating & Opinions by zeCBD)
This CBD Shop is ranked #24 among the Coffee Shop to buy CBD in EUROPE
zeCBD performs a review of CBD Shop on the internet with a note on the quantity of products available (and not the quality), as well as on the quality of the offer offered to consumers: payment, delivery, warranty, refund, website etc. Check out customer ratings and reviews following their purchase in our comment & forum space to judge the quality / price ratio of the products of this online store.
CBD available for sale:
Payment methods:
Delivery (country, deadline & follow-up):
Customer Service & Warranty:
We like this CBD shop because:
  • Artisanal producer in France
  • Direct sales producer / customer
  • Wide choice of products at CBD, also called "Canebounes Divine", is a small independent producer located in Provence, France. It is one of the few CBD online stores to offer directly for sale its artisanal production of cannabidiol products.

As a result, the shipment of products is done once a week only. This results in delivery times of approximately 7 to 10 days. Similarly, only payments by bank transfer are currently available on the site.

The online shop Canebounes offers a very wide range of cannabis products: hemp flowers, seeds to plant or food, hemp oil, CBD oil, massage oil, care oil, essential oils, cannabis soap, dyes and other books and products!

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Our test and review of the online CBD Shop: CANEBOUNES

Native country :


Type of CBD Shop:

Farmer / Producer

Delivery zone :


Payment methods:

Credit card

CBD Shop specialty:

Cosmetics & homemade oils

Products available:

Food, Flowers, Seeds, Oils, Liquids

Wholesale to private:


Coupon discount / sponsorship:


Rating & Customer Reviews on CBD Shop Online:

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