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Native country : France
Delivery zone : Europe
Wholesaler / Wholesale: no
Payment : Credit card
Coupon / Promo code: no

Dried cannabis flowers: no
Resin, pollen & hashish: no
e-Liquid at the CBD: Yes
Cannabis oils: Yes
CBD extracts: Yes
Cosmetics (creams etc.): no
Food & drinks: Yes
Animals (dogs, cats etc.): no
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6/ 10 (Rating & Opinions by zeCBD)
This CBD Shop is ranked #29 among the Coffee Shop to buy CBD in EUROPE
zeCBD performs a review of CBD Shop on the internet with a note on the quantity of products available (and not the quality), as well as on the quality of the offer offered to consumers: payment, delivery, warranty, refund, website etc. Check out customer ratings and reviews following their purchase in our comment & forum space to judge the quality / price ratio of the products of this online store.
CBD available for sale:
Payment methods:
Delivery (country, deadline & follow-up):
Customer Service & Warranty:
We like this CBD shop because:
  • Distributor in France
  • Secure Payment by Credit

Lovers of discovery, sharing, and great travelers in the soul, the team of NectarCBD thus encountered this product during a trip to California in the USA in 2016. Party to meet the actors of the medical and therapeutic cannabis industry, NectarCBD was seduced by this new product. The team then returned to France to popularize and promote the benefits of the CBD.

Products for sale on NectarCBD are classified in 5 categories:

  1. VAPES & LIQUIDS: here we find kits e-cigarette, e-liquid CBD etc.
  2. WAX & CONCENTRATES: it is solid CBD in the form of pollen / hash
  3. OILS OF CBD: many high-end CBD oils
  4. COMESTIBLES: edible products to CBD to infuse,
  5. OTHER: it contains lotions, detoxifiers, and other products.

Products are shipped by NectarCBD within a maximum of 24 / 72h.

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Our test and review of the online CBD Shop: NECTAR CBD

Native country :


Type of CBD Shop:

Distributor / Reseller

Delivery zone :


Payment methods:

Credit card

CBD Shop specialty:

e-Liquids & CBD extracts

Products available:

Foods, Creams, Crystals, Capsules, Oils, Liquids

Wholesale to private:


Coupon discount / sponsorship:


Rating & Customer Reviews on CBD Shop Online:

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